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April 18, 2011

The Dawg Pound vs. The Dog Abuser!!

My fellow Baltimore Browns Backers. If your not aware, EA Sports is letting people vote for who is gonna be on the Madden cover this year. They started with one player from each team and they are down to this...

HILLIS vs Vick!!

He needs our votes to help seal the deal. Click link to vote.

For those worried about the so called Madden Curse, here are a couple thought. 1) Maybe we need a Madden Curse to cancel out the curse the Browns have had since '64. 2) I don't believe in curses, but curses believe in Hillis. He's that good.

Here's a little look, incase you forgot beast we have wearing #40.

 if you would like to vote more than once, you must block cookies. Here's how.

1.Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button , and then clicking Internet Explorer.
2.Click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options.
3.Click the Privacy tab, and then move the slider to a position between the top and bottom so you are not blocking or allowing all cookies.
4.Click Sites.
5.In the Address of website box, type a website address { } and then click Block.
6.When you are finished, click OK.

Now you can vote as many times as you like!!



April 11, 2011

Baltimore Browns Backers Update

My Fellow Baltimore Browns Backers,

I hope everyone is having a great offseason. Hopefully the offseason isn't any longer than usual. I'm staying positive and believe there WILL BE a season this year. I have a few things to update everyone on.

1st, we have an honorary member. Brad Paisley is a life long Browns Fan and has excepted my offer to be an honorary member. I gave him a shirt, dawg tag and a certificate for him to display proudly in his home. If anyone doubts his fandom, watch this video. Pay close attention to the ESPN sports ticker in the video.



 2nd, I have new Club Dawg Tags for paying members this year. They are numbered so everyone will have a unique number. Check it out.


 Last, we are planning a different kind of banquet this year. The party this year will be to watch the Cleveland Indians at the Baltimore Orioles. The festivities are as follows.
Date: Saturday July 16, 2011
Location: Pickles Pub
•Time: 4:00-5:30
•Cost: Whatever you drink
•Pre-party with cheap beer and Indians fans from all over.
Location: Bull Pen Party Area of Oriole Park at Camden Yards
•Time: 5:35-7:05
•Cost: $24.00 per person (paid in advance)
•Our own semi private, 90 minute, bullpen picnic party. The menu includes 1 hot dog and 1 beef brisket sandwich per person, unlimited pasta salad, watermelon, popcorn and cookies. Also includes unlimited draft beer and soda. We will have the Chinese Raffle, door prizes and a gift for each person that attends.
Location: Sec 386, Rows 2, 3 &4 of Oriole Park at Camden Yards
•Time: 7:05-?
•Cost: $9.00 per ticket (paid in advance)
To top it off, they will announce our group and put "Welcome to The Cleveland Browns Backers" on the score board at the end of the 2nd inning. That should get a nice booooooooo.
I will need to give the Orioles a starting head count by April 16th and a final head count by June 16th. If you want to go, please let me know ASAP if you haven't already. I will not need any money now and won’t until June 16th. I just need an accurate head count for now.

Talk to everyone soon and GO BROWNS!!




November 12, 2010

J-E-T-S, Jets will lose!!

My fellow Baltimore Browns Backers,

Can you believe the last 2 games?!?! First we take down the defending Super Bowl Champs, then we kick the living crap out of the, then #1 in the power rankings, New England Patriots. Just incase you missed it, here are the highlights...


Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis has been named FedEx Ground NFL Player of the Week for games played on November 7-8, the league announced today. Earlier this week, he was also named the AFC Offensive Player of the Week. Hillis recorded career-high rushing totals of 184 yards, 29 carries and two touchdowns as the Browns defeated the New England Patriots, 34-14, on Sunday at Cleveland Browns Stadium. His rushing performance is the second-highest single-game total in the NFL this season. He also added three receptions for 36 yards for a single-game career-best 220 total yards from scrimmage.

Next up are the 6-2 New York Jets (soon to be 6-3), and guess who else is coming back to Cleveland..

Stone Hands Edwards has been talking some smack too. "And before I take off and forget, all you Cleveland browns fans, 17 is coming back and you better bring ya damn popcorn.” Edwards tweeted Sunday night. "There’s nothing going on in Cleveland,” Edwards told the New York Times during an interview this summer. “There’s no social life, no social networking. All the people who have something going on leave Cleveland. So Cleveland has nothing, and I came in there with a New York-type of essence. So what? That was the attitude I came in with. Like, this is who I am. They didn’t like the flash.”

As a special for this weeks game all kids 16 and under, that are accompanied by there parents who are members of the Baltimore Browns Backers, will receive a special raffle ticket. Everytime Butterfingers drops a pass I will choose one of these tickets for a free Edwards Browns Jersey. (while supplies last)

Our Browns are really coming together as a team, and one to be feared. If you missed the last 2 games, don't do it to yourself again. By 4:00ish Sunday, we will be 4-5 and on a 3 game winning streak that nobody gave us a chance of being on.

Here is a letter from the desk of Mike Holmgren

As usual, I'll be there around 11:00 for some pregame cornhole. I hope to see everyone there.




November 6, 2010

Next up, The Patriots!!

It has been a great 2 weeks of celebrating beating down the Super Bowl Champion Saints!

Just incase you missed it.


Now it's time to get ready to see if our Browns are truly going in the right direction or a flash in the pan. I, as usual, will be arriving at Glory Days around 11:30 for some corn hole. Feel free to join me.

Also, the people have spoken. Bernie Kosar Jerseys are next!! Here is what they look like.


I will raffle the first of these beauties at halftime of this Sundays game against the Pats. I hope to see all of you there.




October 15, 2010

Stooler Week!!

My fellow Baltimore Browns Backers, it's STOOLER WEEK!!! Fat Jen is back and is sure to be rusty. I expect to see a little more of this..

Remember, last year we had no chance to beat the Stoolers. They were gonna unleash hell on there way to the playoff and what happened? A 1 win Browns team KICKED THEIR ASSES!!! Alot of Baltimore Browns Backers missed it.


Hillis said he is playing and he will be there to take the preasure of our rookie and future, Colt McCoy. What better way for Colt to enter the NFL than to beat the Shitsburgh Stoolers? NONE!!

The weather is gonna be beautiful so come join us and watch your beloved Browns do what nobody thinks is possible.

Come early for some Corn Hole. I'll be there again around 10-10:30. See you all then!



October 9, 2010

Browns vs. Falcons

Well, if you missed last week, you missed one heck of a game. This about sums it up...

Hillis_clv_cin.jpg picture by jrskydawg68


wardo.gif picture by jrskydawg68


Nuff Said!!

Make sure you join us this week as the Browns go for 2 in a row and get ready to welcome rapistburger back in another week, with another 8 sacks.

Also, show up early for some Cornhole. If you haven't heard, i made a set of BBB Cornhole Boards. I'll be there around 10:00 - 10:30






September 30, 2010

Browns vs. Bungals
The Battle of Ohio!!!

OK folks, I realize that we are 0-3 but, WE ARE IMPROVED!!

Run Defense
2008 = 151 yards per game
2009 = 144.5 yards per game
2010 3 games = 122 yards per game

Total Defense
2008 = 356 yards per game
2009 = 389 yards per game
2010 3 games = 321 yards per game

Rushing offense
2008 = 100 yards per game;
2009 = 130 yards per game;
2010 3 games = 116 yards per game (with Hillis this will grow)

We are 2 offensive passes and 2 defensive pass coverages  (or lack there of) from 3-0. Our Browns came in Baltimore last Sunday 10.5 point underdawgs and considered the NFL’s cupcake. We gave the rats defense all they could handle score the 1st and 2nd touchdown they gave up this season and pounded Hillis at them for 144 yards. If you watched the game, stabby Ray wanted nothing to do with him. We proved, even with a loss, we are coming around. We just need to be patient and stay the course. Mangini has coached this team 1 year and 3 games. We ended last year with 4 wins and this year with 3 games that all could and should have been wins. Take this for what it is worth….

It took years for Chuck Noll to install his systems, and to get the players he wanted to run them. Chuck was a horrible coach, or so thought Stoolers fans.

His first 3 years he went…

He then started to rattle off wins on his way to several Super Bowl victories.
Changing a culture and installing systems takes time.

We need to stay the course. Mangini may or may not be the answer, but I know who definitely is the answer. Mike Holmgren. He’s been to the Super Bowl with 2 different teams, both of which sucked before he got there. He will make it happen. I also know one other thing, WE WILL STOMP THE BUNGALS!!! That will be the first of a 5 game winning streak. Mark it!

Join us at Glory Days this Sunday and you’ll see. Wright had a horrible game on Sunday. That won’t happen this Sunday. TO or Ocho, it doesn’t matter. Whomever it is will be shut down. I see it this way….

Browns 27 (Hillis 1 TD, Cribbs 1 TD, Eric Wright pick 6, 2 FG’s)
Cheap Copy 10

Show up early Sunday for some Cornhole. I have built a Baltimore Browns Backer Cornhole Set.                                                                                I’ll be there around 10-10:30.

Keep the faith and keep supporting the Browns and Glory Days. This thing is turning around.



September 25, 2010

Browns invade rat stadium tomorrow

If you are coming to watch the ass whooping our Browns are gonna give the rats, we will be tailgating at...

Pickles Pub, 520 Washington Blvd, Baltimore, Maryland 21230

Browns 34 - Rats 10


September 18, 2010

Browns Home Opener vs The Chiefs

Ok so we are off to a not so good start. What's new? Everything before today is the past and I guarantee we win Sunday and I am willing to put a Cribbs Jersey where my mouth is. If you we one of the 60+ that showed last week you saw that I have Cribbs jerseys as raffle items. (Unfortunately Jamal, our old server from years ago and a Cowboys fan, won it. That will change. From now on ONLY BALTIMORE BROWNS BACKERS ARE ELLIGIBLE TO WIN THE BIG RAFFLE ITEMS!!

Here is the Guarantee!

This week, if the Browns don’t win I will raffle a second Cribbs jersey after the game.

All in all we had a blast for the first 29 minutes and on and off throughout the rest of the game. Come join us this week. What do you have to lose? Either the Browns win or you will get a second chance to win a Cribbs Jersey. Hope to see you all there. GO BROWNS!!!


September 8, 2010

4 days and counting.........

Are you ready!!!! The off-season is finally over!!!! Glory Days is still our home and the TV's are fixed!! The specials below continue..

For members with the 2010 membership card, the $1.00 off draft beers (16 and 22 oz. drafts) and $3.00 off pitchers will continue.


We will continue to get $5.00 appetizers during the game!! (see below)

and don't forget...


We will be working on one of the beer reps to come during a game this year. They will bring their girls to give out beers and other giveaways and promotional items.

Our seats are guaranteed. The inside seats still can't be reserved because of their other customers, so when we out grow the patio some will need to arrive early to get inside seats. Our club has continued to grow. I am now up to over 200 email addresses.

Last year was tough until the end of the season. This year will be different. Our offense has definately improved and we will surprise alot of people this year. Our attendance at Glory Days is a must if we want these discounts to continue. Please continue to support the Baltimore Browns Backers and Glory Days. Last year attendance was GREAT until about week 8. I know it's tough when we are sucking, but alot of people missed us KICK THE CRAP OUT OF BIG JEN TOOTHLESSRAPER!! We got the discounted appetizers and continued beer specials for the club this year but just imagine what we could have if we continued to average 40-50 people a game.


Membership dues are also very important. They go to halftime raffle items, the buffet we had a few seasons ago and getting a Browns Alumni like Greg Pruitt. Besides, with the discounts members get on food and beer, it pays for itself by week 4 and maybe sooner for some ;-) If you'd like to take care of your dues in advance, click on the "Membership Tab" above. You can do so with credit card through the paypal button or mail a check to the address at on that page.

I am planning on having another Browns Alumni this year for a game and doing the Members Buffet again. If anyone has any ideas for the club, please let me know.

We only have 4 days left. I don't know about everyone else, but I'm excited about this upcoming season, Mike Holmgren and our draft. Mr. Holmgren has done it with 2 other teams. It is now time for him to secure his place among the football gods. I truely believe we will surprise alot of people this year and can't wait. See everyone soon!!


August 22, 2010

Here we go Brownies, here we go. WOOF! WOOF!

My fellow Baltimore Browns Backers, ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!! We are just a few short weeks away from 2010 Cleveland Browns Football. We are on a 4 game winning streak and open the season with 2 teams that were even worse than us last year. We have a new Team President that has taken 2 teams to the Super Bowl. We finally don’t have a QB controversy and Jake’s been to a Super Bowl as well. From what I’ve seen and read, we could really surprise some people this year. I feel 8-8 is very reachable this year and if a few things go our way 10-6. Who knows? All I know for sure is September 12th at 1:00 I’ll be at Glory Days and I hope all of you be as well. Same specials as last year. Same viewing area as last year.

For those of you that came to the Banquet, remember to come see me at Glory Days for your 1/2 off dues certificate.

See you in a few weeks and GO BROWNS!!!


May 3, 2010

Baltimore, Central Maryland and Frederick Browns Backers Banquet 2010

Greg Pruitt Q&A

If you missed this banquet , you really missed a Great Time!! One of the many highlights of the night was when Greg Pruitt discussed the Browns and conducted a Q&A session. Here is the 6 part Q&A session. Enjoy!!



April 25, 2010

The Browns 2010 Draft Picks

Welcome to Cleveland

1st Round

No. 7-Joe Haden (DB/Florida)

- Haden gives the team a legitimate "shutdown" corner. He's an instinctive playmaker with exceptional cover skills. Though he didn't blaze a sizzling 40-time at the National Scouting Combine, he has enough speed and quickness to stay with receivers on the edge. He also has a knack for making plays on the ball down the field. With the Browns' secondary in desperate need of a talent infusion, selecting Haden was the right call.

2nd Round

No. 38-T.J. Ward (S/Oregon)

- The Browns surprise many with their decision to bypass Jimmy Clausen and Colt McCoy to take T.J Ward. The hard-hitting safety has solid overall skills, and gives the Browns a legitimate playmaker in the middle of the field. While the pick will be roundly criticized, the move to address their porous secondary is a classic case of a team filling their biggest needs through the draft.

No. 59-Montario Hardesty (RB/Tennessee)

- The Browns trade up to grab a big, physical runner in Montario Hardesty. He has outstanding speed, and his underrated cutback skills make him a solid fit in the Browns' scheme. With Jerome Harrison lacking the size to be the lone back, Hardesty should receive a high volume of carries as a key reserve.

3rd Round

No. 85-Colt McCoy (QB/Texas)

- The Browns finally grab their quarterback of the future with the selection of Colt McCoy. Though most expected the team to grab him in the second round, the Browns successfully gambled that he would fall through the cracks and picked him up with the 85th pick. As an athletic thrower with good accuracy, McCoy is a good fit in the Browns' west-coast offense and could develop into a solid starter in time.

No. 92-Shawn Lauvao (OL/Arizona State)

- The Browns pick up Shawn Lauvao to provide depth to their interior line. The Arizona State standout has solid overall skills, and is an instinctive player capable of playing multiple positions along the line. Given his savvy and versatility, he gives the Browns an intriguing young player to develop.

5th Round

No. 160-Larry Asante (S/Nebraska)

- Asante was a productive, three-year starter for the Cornhuskers. He has a good combination of strength and athleticism for the safety position. He doesn't have ideal height but makes up for it with toughness and aggressive play. He is a solid reactor but tends to be more productive as a run defender than vs. the pass. He doesn't have natural leaping ability when going after the ball in traffic and appears to have average hands to make the sure interception. He is a willing run-support player who is usually a solid open-field tackler. Asante has limitations that likely will relegate him to a backup role and core special teams contributor.

6th Round

No. 177-Carlton Mitchell (WR/South Florida)

- The Browns pick up a dynamic receiver with immense potential in Carlton Mitchell. As an athletic pass catcher with good running skills, Mitchell is a good fit in the Browns' version of the west coast offense. He could emerge as a big-time playmaker for the team as a rookie.

No. 186-Clifton Geathers (DE/South Carolina)

- Geathers is a huge kid, with some of the longest arms ever. Given his frame and feet, I would like to project him as an offensive tackle. The Browns are looking at him as the five-technique, in a 3-4 defense. He has great size for the position, but he needs to learn how to use his hands and disengage from blocks.


April 20, 2010

Browns 2010 Schedule

Here it is folks. My pick are in the ()

Week 1 (9/12) - @Bucs - 1 p.m. (W)
Week 2 (9/19) - Chiefs - 1 p.m. (W)
Week 3 (9/26) - @Ravens - 1 p.m. (L)
Week 4 (10/3) - Bengals - 1 p.m. (W)
Week 5 (10/10) - Falcons - 1 p.m. (W)
Week 6 (10/17) - @Steelers - 1 p.m. (L)
Week 7 (10/24) - @Saints - 1 p.m. (L)
Week 8 - BYE
Week 9 (11/7) - Patriots - 1 p.m. (W)
Week 10 (11/14) - Jets - 1 p.m. (W)
Week 11 (11/21) - @Jaguars - 1 p.m. (W)
Week 12 (11/28) - Panthers - 1 p.m. (W)
Week 13 (12/5) - @Dolphyins - 1 p.m. (W)
Week 14 (12/12) - @Bills - 1 p.m. (W)
Week 15 (12/19) - @Bengals - 1 p.m. (L)
Week 16 (12/26) - Ravens - 1 p.m. (W)
Week 17 (1/2) - Steelers - 1 p.m. (W)

I'm calling it now. 12-4!!!



April 3, 2010

Banquet "Special" UPDATE!

Any Baltimore Browns Backer who pays for their spot by April 3, 2010 will receive a 50% off coupon for their 2010 Baltimore Browns Backer membership dues.

I have decide to change the deadline for this special to April 10, 2010

See the March 16th News for all the details. Click Here to buy banquet tickets with Paypal.


March 28, 2010

Banquet UPDATE!

My Fellow Baltimore Browns Backers, the banquet is moving along smoothly. A few have already paid and that is great. We have added a contest for the banquet. A Best "BROWNS" Dressed contest. We will have a special prize for the woman and man who shows how hardcore of a fan they are!!

See the March 16th News for all the details.

Alot of members told me back in the planning stage that they would attend. Planning this banquet was alot of work and it is still not over. Going forward with the banquet was based on those of you that said you would attend. I need to get a head count of you that plan on attending and how many in your party. Please either let me know you plan to come, purchase your ticket(s) via paypal link on the 'Home' page or email me for the mailing address if you want to send a check. Also, please let me know if you ARE NOT coming.

Also PLEASE DON"T FORGET, any Baltimore Browns Backer who pays for their spot by April 3, 2010 will receive a 50% off coupon for their 2010 Baltimore Browns Backer membership dues.

Thanks and GO BROWNS!!!


March 16, 2010


Calling all Baltimore Browns Backers!!! The Baltimore, Central Maryland, and Frederick Browns Backers clubs are pleased to join forces and announce that our post-season Banquet will be held on Saturday May 1, 2010, at The Frederick Elk’s Lodge #684, in Frederick, MD at 5:00PM.  Our speaker will be legendary running back #34 Greg Pruitt!!

All three Maryland Browns Backers clubs are inviting all local Browns fans to join us for our post-season banquet on Saturday May 1, 2010.  The banquet will be held at the Frederick Elk’s Lodge #684, at 289 Willowdale Dr in Frederick, MD.  The cost of tickets is just $42.00 per person for adults and $32.00 for children 6-12 years of age.  A cash bar with great prices on drinks will be available in our banquet room beginning at 5:00 and ending at 10:00.  For your convenience, hotel accommodations have been made for the evening of May 1 for $114.00 plus tax at the Hampton Inn, 5311 Buckeystown Pike, Frederick, MD, approximately 10 minutes from the Elk’s Lodge. The telephone number is 1-800-Hampton (1-800-426-7866). Mention the CBB (Cleveland Browns Backers) when reserving a room to receive the $114.00 rate.  Deadline to reserving rooms with this discounted rate is Saturday April 10, 2010. 

The banquet will feature a full course buffet dinner that includes Roast Beef and Fried Chicken. Banquet attendees will receive an AWESOME commemorative favor and a door prize ticket. Door prizes will be handed out throughout the evening. Try your luck in our traditional Chinese raffle, where you can win fabulous Browns memorabilia such an authentic Joshua Cribbs jersey.Above all this is your chance to meet and greet with Brown's former running back Greg Pruitt!

To order tickets, just fill out the form attached to the email or use the link for paypal on the Home Page.  We urge everyone to order his or her ticket quickly.  The deadline for receipt of payment is Friday April 16, 2010 – so don’t delay! We have added an additional method payment – for only an additional $1.00, anyone attending the banquet can now pay for tickets via PayPal! Click Here for Paypal.  Upon receipt of your payment your space will be reserved. If you have questions about the banquet, call Larry Elavsky at (443) 468-1175.


RESERVE YOUR SPOT BY APRIL 3, 2010, MY MOM'S BIRTHDAY, AND RECEIVE A 50% COUPON ON YOUR 2010 BALTIMORE BROWNS BACKERS DUES!! You will receive this coupon via email after payment. All you will have to do is give this coupon to Jessica at Glory Days this season and you will receive 50% off your 2010 dues.

Let's make this the BEST BANQUET EVER!! Please show your support of the Baltimore Browns Backers. I want us to have the biggest showing of the 3 clubs. We have 3 times the members as either of them so this should be easy if we have the support.






February 12, 2010

Video of our club at the Monday Night Game against the Rats



January 5, 2010

2009 Season in review

WOW, what a finish! Who would have thought? A month ago we were sitting at 1-11 with the Stoolers who beat us 12 straight time up next. Not only do we KICK THEIR ASSES, we finish the season with 4 straight wins. The first time we did since 1994. Cribbs sets an NFL record by getting his 8th kickoff return for a TD, so far. Harrison sets a Browns record with 286 rushing yards in a single game surpassing a record that was held by a pretty good Cleveland Browns running back and only 12 yards shy of the NFL record.

As bad as it was it was still pretty good. We had another great year at Glory Days with alot of new faces. Just imagine, when the Browns get their crap together how HUGE our crowd will be. I am really looking forward to this offseason. Holmgren is gonna turn out to be the best move that we have made since '99. He knows how to draft and with 11 picks we need someone who will not screw this up. It's great to have someone on the payroll that's coached 2 different teams to Super Bowls and even won one.


I am working with the Central Maryland, Frederick and DC Browns Backers Presidents to put together one big off season party. We were thinking about having a draft party but since Day One is on Thursday this year I figured it would be hard to get a good crowd. There will be a minimal cost, but it will cover things like food, hall rental, drinks and possibly past and/or present Browns Players. There will also be raffles, giveaways, games, cornhole tournament, TV with past Browns Games(good ones) and other surprises. We are thinking about a Saturday in April or May.

I really need to get a preliminary head count. Please email me if your are interested and how many will be with you ASAP.

Talk to you all soon and GO BROWNS!!!


December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Baltimore Browns Backers

From me and The Browns!!

CBMC_1.jpg picture by jrskydawg68

CBMC_2.jpg picture by jrskydawg68


In other news...

The Cleveland Browns announced that Mike Holmgren has agreed to
become club President. The team also has announced that Mike Keenan will
transition to the role of Chief Financial Officer.

"We are pleased to announce that Mike Holmgren has agreed to join the
Cleveland Browns," said Owner Randy Lerner. "We will spend the rest of the
week finalizing the details of the agreement and will make a formal
announcement next week, at which time we will make him available to the

This has been a crazy season but  we have a 2 game winning streak, record breakers last weekend with both of their jerseys going to the HALL OF FAME and an owner opening his checkbook and making things happen!!! Hope to see all of you, that are still in town, on Sunday.





December 8, 2009

Cleveland Browns vs. The Inbreds

Not much to say here except.....




November 16, 2009


The Browns may suck, but our fans RULE!!


November 7, 2009

The 14th Anniversary of Art "Please Die Soon" Modell announcing the move to Baltimore

Someone on a different site found this article from 14 years ago and I thought I would share....


Tagliabue Has to Block This

November 07, 1995

The elderly man rose from his seat in the south end of Cleveland Stadium and walked slowly to the north end, to the 10th row, to a factory worker named Vince Erwin.

The Cleveland Browns' game had ended Sunday afternoon, but Erwin was still wearing a dog mask, the one he has worn at every home game for the last 10 years.

The older man walked up, grabbed his hand, and shook it.

"I never seen this guy in my life," Erwin said. "I didn't know what was going on."

Thank you, said the stranger.

For what? asked Erwin.

For being there, said the stranger. For showing the world how much we love this football team.

It was then that Erwin noticed the man was crying.

Erwin looked away in embarrassment before realizing that darn near everybody in that infamously tough, rude, crude "Dawg Pound" section was crying.

"You wonder, we wonder, isn't there anybody out there who can step in and say, 'You cannot move the Cleveland Browns?' " said Irwin.

There is. He works at 410 Park Avenue in New York, far from the Dawg Pound, far from the passion that has made this league so great.

You wonder, we wonder, if NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue is listening.   If Tagliabue can stop suing everyone from team owners to bar owners long enough to realize that the integrity of his league is crumbling around him.

You wonder, we wonder, if anybody up there in the NFL office has the courage to stare into that sick grin of Brown owner Art Modell and say, "Enough."

If anybody will shove Modell into a corner and slap his hands on the wall above Modell's head and say, "We will not schedule the Baltimore Browns. You leave Cleveland, you leave the NFL."

When two poorly supported teams climbed over our back-yard fence this spring, the NFL lost a couple of pieces of jewelry. Pretty, fashionable, but not altogether necessary.

If a team leaves Cleveland, the league loses its heart.

It loses a stadium that has attracted an average of more than 69,000 fans to each home game in each of the last seven years. Only three times during those seven years has the team had a winning record.

It loses one of football's best rivalries, the Browns versus the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It loses football's best rooting section, the renowned Dawg Pound.

"The Cleveland fans have been through a lot of tough years, yet they've always been there," said Bernie Kosar, former Brown quarterback. "In the whole northeastern area [of Ohio], the Browns are like a way of life. This would be so bad."

It also loses a city where you figured pro football would survive if it was killed everywhere else.

One team left, they would put it in Cleveland, where snow and mud still look good on players, where losing teams are never allowed to simply walk away, where men like Vince Erwin built their lives around the Browns.

For the last decade, on Sundays when the Browns played at home, Erwin, 36, has shown up at the salt factory at 4 a.m.

He worked until 10, drove to the game, then returned afterward to finish his shift.

Erwin was one of, oh, about 10,000 fans who did pretty much the same thing.

"It's funny here, but during the first preseason game every year, it was like no fans would be watching the game," he said. "We would all be too busy catching up on each others' lives after not being together all summer. The fans here are like a family."

Even under the NFL's poorly written and ambiguous guidelines, the Rams and Raiders qualified to move.

The Browns do not, and will not, ever.

Art Modell, the man who brought the world Bill Belichick, the man who masterminded the recent benching of Vinny Testaverde for a kid who couldn't start for any of 25 other teams, says he needs more cash.

Because he blew a bunch of money on dog free agents like Andre Rison, that's why.

He says he needs more luxury boxes to sell, because those unshared revenues are the only way today's owners can get ahead.

Yet he had an opportunity to improve his situation when the two new facilities were built in Cleveland, and declined. He chose to sit on his hands and wait for the league's yearly revenue-sharing check.

Tagliabue must pause in his support of Modell's revenue position to think a second about elderly men who walk the length of a stadium just to say goodby.

He must use his phalanx of lawyers to convince a judge that his teams are no longer just businesses, but public trusts.

He must keep the Browns in Cleveland. Forget labor peace, forget record television dollars, Tagliabue's legacy as commissioner depends on it.

As does the future of football in Los Angeles.

Our civic leaders do not want carpetbaggers like Modell to fill our void. Yet if he is allowed to blatantly ignore the rules, then Ken Behring of the Seattle Seahawks will be in Anaheim by the end of the year.

Which would be nice, except this town will never support him, or his kind.

Expansion teams work. Expansion teams can win. Just ask the San Francisco 49ers.

Before the Browns' departure, this area was set to get one of them. Now, we may get somebody who smells like Art Modell, somebody whose luggage is loaded with heartbreak.

Perish the thought.



September 28, 2009

Email to Randy Lerner


Subject: The Product You are Selling

Mr Lerner,
I am concerned. I am the President of the Baltimore Browns Backers and a life long Browns Fan. I live in Baltimore and still I have 6 PSL's in CBS. I hate to say it, but I am just about done. Because of my love for this team I will try to give it till the end of the season but if I don't see some dramatic change in the way this team, coaching staff and front office represent Cleveland and the fans, I am done. I will let my PSL's expire and no longer watch Browns Football. It makes me sick to say this, but it also makes me sick to watch the product that is Cleveland Browns football every week. I have not missed a game since 1988 but I can't do this anymore. Just about every Sunday I feel cheated. I feel like the team is laughing the faces of the fans. Do you even watch the games? They have zero heart. Anyways, thank you for your time and I hope to God I will be able to continue to say GO BROWNS!!!.

Best Regards,
Larry M. Elavsky Jr.
Baltimore Browns Backers


This is what he wrote back to me..

 Mr Elavsky,
Thank you for writing. When I got to the Browns there was essentially no front office or core culture to define scouting, player evaluation or the draft let alone what is was to care about Cleveland and football. What's more our pro personnel dept didn't exist. I am guilty of trying a variety of combinations- Davis, Garcia, Savage and Crennel in an attempt to discover anything with a set of positives on which to build. It is common knowledge of course that it took Tom Landry roughly seven seasons to build a winner in the 60s in Dallas. With the Steelers, it was probably 30 odd years from the time the team was acquired to when it stumbled on Chuck Knoll-- and it has never turned back. What I can say is that I'm heartbroken and as the father of four, I can also say so are my four little hearts also broken. I do know that Eric Mangini knows his football and is a straight-shooter and a deeply decent man. To say the least, I believe he can get this thing right. Fingers crossed. RL
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